Are you ready to be an eLearnist?

In today’s fast changing environment, there’s a need to have a broad skill set and knowledge that is constantly evolving. Make a commitment to constantly learn new skills, refine old ones and look at service delivery with a fresh perspective.

Why eLearnist?

eLearnist gives you continuing access to high quality, fully accredited courses across different frameworks, approaches and methodologies. The opportunity to truly learn at your own pace allows you the flexibility to add a range of certifications to your resumé.

Every month a new certification course is added to your training account. Once the course is added, you keep access to it for as long as your subscription is live.

Month 1
VeriSM Foundation Course

Month 1

Start your eLearnist journey with VeriSM – the latest approach to service management. This foundation course will help you understand how to approach service management in a digital age using a range of tools and frameworks and will improve your career prospects.

Month 2
SIAM Foundation Course

Month ​2

​We add SIAM foundation to your account; studying this course will teach you how to manage IT risks and compliance across the eco-system. You’ll have the ability to seize benefits in technology breakthroughs and reduce IT costs and will have the potential to optimise value from suppliers. All valuable skills!

Month 3
Business Analysis Foundation Course

Month ​​3

​​Business Analysis Foundation is added to your account to help you to understand business analysis, support change and improve business process. You don’t have to be a dedicated BA to benefit from the skills that you’ll learn.

Month 4
RESILIA Foundation Course

Month ​​​4

​​This month it’s time to focus on best practice and security. RESILIA Foundation is now available in your training account. You’ll learn how to protect an organisation’s information assets, as well as how to recover from a cyber breach – essential skills in today’s world.

Month 5
DevOps Foundation Course

Month ​​​5

​​Time to add the DevOps foundation which introduces DevOps, DevOps Practices, culture and organisational considerations and show how DevOps works with other frameworks. Studying this course will help you to develop crucial skills to help businesses transform.

Month 6
OBASHI Foundation Course

Month ​​​6

​​With the addition of the OBASHI Foundation you’ll learn how to design, monitor and optimise your business; in a way which is easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to communicate across the rest of the business.

Month 7
COBIT Foundation Course

Month ​​​7

​​COBIT 5 is the next course to be added to your training account.
Learn the 5 key principles of COBIT 5; to help you understand the governance and management of enterprise IT and create awareness with business executives and senior IT management.

Month 8
ITIL Foundation   Course

Month ​​​8

​​Learning about the ITIL framework with this ITIL Foundation course will help you to deliver industry best practice and provide you with knowledge of a standardised approach to IT Service Management across the service lifecycle.

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